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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment


Are you feeling...?

  • Depressed, Anxious, Angry, Fearful?

  • Unworthy of God's love or unworthy to serve God?

  • Unsure about your calling?

  • Attacked by the Enemy?

  • Unable to process grief?

  • Unsure of your Identity in Christ Jesus?

  • Stuck in the past or just stuck in general?

  • Alone?

Would you Like to...?

  • Spend more time in the word?

  • Increase your prayer life?

  • Learn about Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance?

  • Experience marital and  family restoration?

  • Experience freedom and peace?

  • Have better relationships?

  • Increase your relationship with God? 

  • Attend workshops to grow in your faith?

  • Have an accountability partner?

  • Learn how to be a follower of Jesus Christ?

do you need...?

  • Prayer for physical healing?

  • An increase in your spiritual walk?

  • Freedom from bondage?

  • Freedom from Addiction?

  • Freedom from pornography?

  • Help with past abuse?

  • Help getting free from Spiritual Strongholds?

  • Someone to talk to in confidence?

  • Fellowship with other Women?

Have you...?

  • Been to a Psychic, Palm reader, Shaman,  etc.?

  • Participated in Seances, or been part of the Occult?

  • Participated in worshipping false Gods?

  • Given the enemy access in your life? 

  • Participated in ancient rituals?

  • Played with Ouija boards or crystals?

  • Heard about Spiritual Warfare and want to learn more?

  • Had a desire to pray more but can't?

Psychology Patient

We now offer Faith-Based Counseling Services & Biblical mental health coaching


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